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Welcome to my site!

My name is Bethanie Newby and I am the Democratic Candidate for Utah State Senate District 15. The district includes most of Orem and West Provo, in beautiful Utah County.  I represent the best chance for people in my District to reconnect with their legislators, and have a dialogue about the real issues affecting us in Utah.

I am passionate about helping our children get a great education, one that will prepare them to follow their dreams and build a fulfilling future.


I am dedicated to quality growth in our county, including smart decisions on transportation issues, especially mass transit.


I am committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility with sensible taxation that is fair to all, and does not favor wealthy individuals and corporate interests.

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I am determined to address affordable health care for all, including the uninsured and the un-insurable.


I sincerely pledge to keep government open, transparent, and accessible so that you never feel shut out of the process.

 Utah State Capitol

I am the Change you want to see in this county, the candidate who respects your views, your voice, and your vote.



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