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Four Reasons to Become a Democrat PDF Print E-mail
  1. I firmly believe our country was established with a multi-party system that contains checks and balances to promote progress and prevent abuse of power.  Without balanced representation we lose our voice, and the voting process loses its purpose. That may be why we are seeing such apathy at the polls.
  2. I strongly support public education, and for some reason, our schools have been getting less and less attention and funding each year for the past ten years. I don’t know why this is, but the Republican legislators have voted against supporting public education at a very high rate. In fact, all but one of our current representatives from Utah County are in the bottom 12% of legislators who vote for pro-public education legislation.
  3. I don’t support regressive taxation. That means that the poor and middle class pay a higher proportion of their income in taxes than the wealthy do. Utah has a very regressive tax system, and the new systems on the table won’t change that. In fact, they will result in at least a net loss of $70 million in income tax. As you know, income tax is what funds our schools.
  4. Harry Truman observed, “To live like a Republican, vote Democrat." I believe that Democratic values are American values. We believe in community. We support each other. We don’t try to improve our life situation at the expense of someone else, which is what happens with tuition tax vouchers, regressive tax systems, and pandering to well-funded lobbyists.
  5. I know, I only said four, but this is important. As a Democrat, you can think what you like, you can vote how you like, you can say what you like, and you still belong.


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