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Ball Blue Book & A Chili Recipe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie   

I was knocking on doors and talked to a lady making chili sauce. It smelled so good I had to get the recipe and go home and make it. For fun, I pulled out my old Ball Blue Book of canning recipes. It was printed in 1944 and cost ten cents. The dedication and end page are about as patriotic as I’ve heard in awhile. Read it and salute…


“In the Spirit of the Freedom for which we fight, we face the future with confidence, for a better world, we carry on.”

            “Food is Strength. The captains of the Nation’s kitchens know that strength, of body, mind, and spirit is needed to rebuild a war-wracked world into a place of freedom, peace, and contentment.”

            “Home Canning reduces the burden on cross-country transportation, releases valuable storage space, saves man-hours, simplifies meal planning, and helps prevent inflation, but above all these, it helps the weak grow stronger and the strong to remain strong.”


There you go. As a home canner of America, I think I deserve your vote.

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Our teachers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie   

I meet quite a few retired school teachers of all ages while out knocking on doors. The other day a young mother told me she used to teach math in public school. She now tutors three students, and makes more money than she did as a full-time teacher.


Speaking of teacher pay. My niece teaches high school English in Alpine School District. She took a summer job as a lifeguard at the community pool. It paid $7.00 per hour. According to her, she was paid more per hour as a lifeguard than she was as a teacher, if you counted up all her hours.

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Tax Reform? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie   

I was putting up lawn signs the other day and I stopped to visit with a homeowner. After a rousing discussion about personal responsibility, teaching Chinese, and living overseas, I closed up the car and drove away. Part way down the road I looked back and saw a black cat sitting in my car. Now, I’m not superstitious, but I do think it’s bad form to take off with the family pet.


As I drove the cat home and placed it carefully back in its yard, I couldn’t help but think of the latest “tax reform.”  Much like my attractive, but not too valuable signs, a significant portion of our legislature voted to give us a nice, but not too valuable tax cut. It doesn’t amount to much for us middle-income earners. In return, the legislature is taking off with something of greater value, like the family pet. What they are taking is any meaningful investment in education. They are taking our children’s future. Now That is really scary.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 October 2006 17:18
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