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Written by Bethanie Newby   

I am starting to recognize the glazed looks and concealed yawns of my fellow Democratic Candidates in Utah Valley. We share ideas on lawn sign placement, brochures, media ops, and 'can you believe this?' We are learning firsthand the level of grassroots effort it takes to go up against the status quo. As far as I'm concerned, we are all heroes. I can even reveal our true names, based on observable super powers.

 Susan Chasson:    The Caped Crusader, aka Medicine Woman

 Edward Lalone:      Dash Incredible (fleet of foot and strong of knuckles)

 Kenneth Peay:        The Lone Ranger

 Adam Ford:             Batman (for exposing corruption in Gotham City)

 Bethanie Newby:    Anansi, aka the Storyteller  (Anansi is a small spider in African folklore that  uses its wits to survive encounters with larger creatures) 

Joseph Brierly:         The Taco Bell Dog (for thinking way outside the box)

Christian Burridge:     Minute Man  (ready to "fire the Cannon" at any minute and fight for your rights.) 

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