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And the Winner Is... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie Newby   
I would like to recognize some of my greatest volunteers. The “Campaigner of the Year” Award goes to my husband, Van, for tireless efforts at passing out campaign literature. With only a backpack, a water bottle, and a trusty scooter he heads out each evening lugging a load of campaign pieces to deliver. The “Get it done Gal” Award goes to my five-year-old daughter Emma, who is always ready to knock on doors. She recently suffered an unfortunate ballet accident and had to go to the emergency room for stitches. As she lay there on the exam table holding a pad to her chin, she looked up at me and whispered, “Shouldn’t we tell them about our State Senate race?” We had to pass out literature to the entire staff before she consented to be stitched up.

I would also like to grant the “Anti-establishmentarianism” Award to my amazing design guy, Jonathan Ferguson. I’m sure that he viewed every pixilated ink dot he created as another nail in the coffin of “The Man.”  Finally, I would like to honor my fifteen-year-old son, Chandler, for taking the initiative to learn how to design and create a terrific website using open source software and his creative genius.

Keep your mouth shut PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie Newby   

I am learning a valuable skill as I go out knocking. It's called "keep your mouth shut and listen." I recognize the concept, of course, but find that the practice is not always my first inclination. In fact, it seems that quite a few people struggle with the same thing.  Therefore, I wish to pass on some good advice.

1. When meeting new people, introduce yourself and why you are here as briefly as possible.

2. Tell them your purpose and invite comment.

3. Listen.

4. Ask if they have any issues or concerns.

5. Listen.

6. Give your response in half a minute.

7. Listen and say good bye. 

Candidate Bonding PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie Newby   

I am starting to recognize the glazed looks and concealed yawns of my fellow Democratic Candidates in Utah Valley. We share ideas on lawn sign placement, brochures, media ops, and 'can you believe this?' We are learning firsthand the level of grassroots effort it takes to go up against the status quo. As far as I'm concerned, we are all heroes. I can even reveal our true names, based on observable super powers.

 Susan Chasson:    The Caped Crusader, aka Medicine Woman

 Edward Lalone:      Dash Incredible (fleet of foot and strong of knuckles)

 Kenneth Peay:        The Lone Ranger

 Adam Ford:             Batman (for exposing corruption in Gotham City)

 Bethanie Newby:    Anansi, aka the Storyteller  (Anansi is a small spider in African folklore that  uses its wits to survive encounters with larger creatures) 

Joseph Brierly:         The Taco Bell Dog (for thinking way outside the box)

Christian Burridge:     Minute Man  (ready to "fire the Cannon" at any minute and fight for your rights.) 

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 October 2006 15:06
There should be an award for this PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie Newby   
I knocked on doors tonight with Alex and PayMon. They are both organized and personable young men. Alex also happens to be the youngest precinct chair in District 15. He can't even vote for two more years. We should Never underestimate enthusiasm!
Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 October 2006 11:34
Email Spam PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bethanie   

One of the sad things about running for office is the amount of spam I get on my email account. I think I have heard from every rich orphan in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, and have won the British lottery at least a dozen times. Now, if I believed in any of this good fortune enough to hand over my bank account number, my campaign finances would be limitless. (Do they think political candidates are really that gullible?) As it turns out, however, raising money on the Democratic ticket in Utah County is tough. Did I already mention that I accept donations in any dollar amount?

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